Mesenchymal Stem Cell CultureSpecialty media and protocols

Finely tuned media for the expansion and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.

Plus detailed protocols, and experienced support.

All backed up by the 6 Powers of Prime.


The 6 powers of Prime

Users of Prime media benefit from suite of 6 powerful benefits.


With PCT factors to improve retention of proliferative progenitor cells, and co-factors to improve growth-factor binding, the Prime media offer great growth in a fully defined, animal component free environment. > More


Reliability is critical – your cell cultures have to deliver. We use an 8-point program to ensure that our products are just right, every time. > More


Finely tuned media significantly improve specialist behaviours like differentiation, co-culture or aging compared with standard media. > More


One bottle, one box shipping, one-step preparation, and one-source products and protocols for 2D and 3D culture. > More


Fully customizable growth factor combinations available on request. > More


Our team developed the products, and still use them every day in our own research. We know them intimately, and are keen to share our tips and advice whenever a question arises. > More