COVID-19 and Respiratory Diseases Research Tools

Balance 2


Infectious diseases rank among the top respiratory system illnesses. The novel and resurfacing respiratory viral outbreaks have jeopardized public health and global economy. The coronavirus-associated epidemics like SARS (2003), MERS (2015), and COVID-19 (2019) have drawn attention to viral infections. The clinical manifestations observed in patients suggest that impaired airway epithelial and endothelial cells are the major determinants of COVID-19.

2D/3D cell culture systems and in vitro models that mimic in vivo characteristics and functionality of airway epithelial cells have become pivotal tools for the pathogenesis of respiratory viruses.


CELLnTEC offers market leading serum-free Airway Epithelial Media and FBS-free Endothelial Media for developing 2D/3D cell culture systems and biological models for investigating respiratory viruses.



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