Around the world, millions of patients currently suffer from incurable vision loss. Vision impairing diseases are becoming more common as the population ages. In aging societies, disorders such as macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa constitute a leading cause of disability. Globally, the prevalence of ocular diseases is constantly rising. For most of them, there is no effective therapy available. Scientists are trying to accelerate the conversion of basic research on origins of ocular diseases into innovative treatments which change the field of ophthalmic therapy.
CELLnTEC offer products for ocular cell isolation, 2D/3D culture and in vitro modeling.


Primary human corneal cells HCEP growing in the serum-free proliferation medium CnT-PR


Limbal SCs derived from human iPSC using a protocol based on CnT-30 medium


Primary Cells


2D Co-Culture Medium


Recommended Protocol & Streamlined Workflow:




CELLnTEC products deployed for ocular cell isolation, 2D/3D culture and in vitro modeling :


Ocular Cell Culture/Modeling CELLnTEC Product Used Article Link
Human corneal epithelial cell isolation and culture CnT-PR Saccu et al. 2022
Isolation and culture of limbal epithelial cells CnT-PR Acker et al. 2019
Conjunctival epithelial cells isolation and culture CnT-PR Ueta et al. 2020
3D models of cornea and culture of reconstructed corneal epithelium CnT-PR-3D, CnT-PR Chacón et al. 2022
Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells towards limbal stem cells CnT-07, CnT-30 Vattulainen et al. 2021
Differentiation of ESC to limbal cells CnT-30 Sun et al. 2021
Differentiation and culture of iPSC derived corneal epithelial cells CnT-07, CnT-PR-EF Okubo et al. 2020
Differentiation of hiPSCs into ocular ectodermal cells CnT-PR-EF Hayashi et al. 2022
Limbal stem cell culture CnT-PR Hristova et al. 2020
Isolation and culture of melanocytes from human cornea CnT-40 Polisetti et al. 2020
Isolation and culture of limbal melanocytes CnT-40 Polisetti et al. 2023
Co-culture of corneal melanoctes and corneal epithelial cells CnT-40, CnT-PR-KM Shen Li et al. 2022



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