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Title Authors Year Tissue type Products
Blockers of gsk3 for the prevention and treatment of pemphigus vulgaris Mueller EJ 2008 Epidermal CnT-02, CnT-07, HPEKp.05
Bombyx mori silk fibroin membranes as potential substrata for epithelial constructs used in the management of ocular surface disorders Chirila T, Barnard Z, Zainuddin, Harkin DG, Schwab IR, Hirst L. 2008 Corneal CnT-20
Boosting and Rescuing Epidermal superior population from fresh keratinocyte cultures M. T. Cerqueira, A. M. Frias, R. L. Reis, A. P. Marques 2013 Epidermal CnT-02-3DP
Breast Cancer Stem-Like Cells Are Inhibited by a Non-Toxic Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Agonist Prud'homme GJ, Glinka Y, Toulina A, Ace O, Subramaniam V, Jothy S 2010 Mammary CnT-27
Caayanidium calcarum algae extract, a multifunctional anti-aging cosmetic ingredient Farwick, Schild, Mentel, Maczzkiewitz, Köhler 2013 Epidermal HPEKp, CnT-07
Cancer gene discovery and immunosurveillance studies using Sleeping Beauty mouse models Laura Marie Rogers 2013 Mammary CnT-57, CnT-02-3DP
Candidate EDA targets revealed by expression profiling of primary keratinocytes from Tabby mutant mice Esibizione D, Cui CY, Schlessinger D. 2008 Epidermal CnT-07
Canine keratinocytes upregulate type I interferons and proinflammatory cytokines in response to poly(dA:dT) but not to canine papillomavirus Jennifer A. Luff, Hang Yuan, Maja M. Suter, Eliane J. M¨uller, Richard Schlegel, Peter F. Moore 2013 Epidermal CnT-09
Cells isolated from the epidermis by Hoechst dye exclusion, small size, and negative selection for hematopoietic markers can generate B lymphocyte precursors Stern MM, Tygrett LT, Waldschmidt TJ, Bickenbach JR. 2007 Epidermal CnT-07
CELLULAR SCAFFOLD Kharazi A, Kharazi L 2008 Epidermal CnT-05, CnT-02, CnT-05, CnT-07
cFLIP isoforms block CD95- and trail death receptor-induced gene induction irrespective of processing of caspase-8 or cFLIP in the death-inducing signalling complex Kavuri SM, Geserick P, Berg D, Panayotova Dimitrova D, Feoktistova M, Siegmund D, Gollnick H, Neumann M, Wajant H, Leverkus M 2011 Epidermal CnT-07
cFLIP Regulates Skin Homeostasis and Protects against TNF-Induced Keratinocyte Apoptosis Diana Panayotova-Dimitrova, Maria Feoktistova, Michaela Ploesser, Beate Kellert, Mike Hupe, Sebastian Horn, Roman Makarov, Federico Jensen, Stefan Porubsky, Astrid Schmieder, Ana Claudia Zenclussen, Alexander Marx, Andreas Kerstan, Peter Geserick, You-Wen He, and Martin Leverkus 2013 Epidermal CnT-07
Characterization and in vitro properties of oral lactobacilli in breastfed infants Nelly Romani Vestman, Niklas Timby, Pernilla Lif Holgerson, Christine A Kressirer, Rolf Claesson, Magnus Domellöf, Carina Öhman, Anne CR Tanner, Olle Hernell and Ingegerd Johansson 2013 Oral HGEP, CnT-24
Characterization of corneal stromal stem cells with the potential for epithelial transdifferentiation Khurram Hashmani, Matthew James Branch, Laura Elizabeth Sidney, Permesh Singh Dhillon, Megha Verma, Owen Douglas McIntosh, Andrew Hopkinson and Harminder Singh Dua 2013 Corneal CnT-20
Characterization of pathogenic auto-antibodies directed against desmoglein 3 and desmocollin 3 in sera of pemphigus patients David Ali Rafei-Shamsabadi 2013 Epidermal CnT-57
Characterization of the canine mda-7 gene, transcripts and 2 expression patterns Maninder Sandey, R. Curtis Bird, Swadesh K. Das, Devanand Sarkar, David T. Curiel, Paul B. Fisher, Bruce F. Smith 2014 Epidermal CnT-09
Characterization of transgenic mice with the expression of phenylalanine hydroxylase and GTP cyclohydrolase I in the skin Christensen R, Alhonen L, Wahlfors J, Jakobsen M, Jensen TG. 2005 Epidermal CnT-02
Chromosomal variation in lymphoblastoid cell lines Matthew D. Shirley, Joseph D. Baugher, Eric L. Stevens, Zhenya Tang, Norman Gerry, Christine M. Beiswanger, Dorit S. Berlin, and Jonathan Pevsner 2012 Epidermal CnT-07
Ciclosporin modulates the responses of canine progenitor epidermal keratinocytes (CPEK) to toll-like receptor agonists A. Hendricks, J.G. Elson-Riggins, A.L. Riddle, A.K. House, K. Varjonen, R. Bond 2012 Epidermal CPEK, CnT-09, CPEK
Co-ordinated ocular development from human iPS cells and recovery of corneal function Ryuhei Hayashi, Yuki Ishikawa, Yuzuru Sasamoto, Ryosuke Katori, Naoki Nomura, Tatsuya Ichikawa, Saori Araki, Takeshi Soma, Satoshi Kawasaki, Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi, Andrew J. Quantock, Motokazu Tsujikawa, Kohji Nishida 2016 Corneal

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