Primary human melanocytes growing in CnT-40.

Expansion Media

CnT-40 medium is carefully formulated to deliver excellent isolation, selectivity, and rapid proliferation of primary human melanocytes.

Melanocytes grown in CnT-40 demonstrate a proliferative phenotype, typically with 2 or 3 dendrites per cell.

Moderate melanin expression is observed in the proliferative melanocytes growing in CnT-40. However when more complete differentiation and melanogenesis is required, the melanocyte differentiation medium (#CnT-PR-MD, see differentiation section) is recommended.

Test samples are available for qualifying customers.

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined ACF Media type
CnT-40 Melanocyte Medium Human No No
CnT-ABM10 Pen / Strep / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-GAB10 Gentamycin / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-DNP-10 Dispase II, Neutral Protease, 5 x 0.1 gram No No