BM-MSC growing in CnT-PR-MSC-XF medium, passage 4.

MSC Expansion Media

Mesenchymal stem cells can now be rapidly expanded from either bone marrow or adipose tissue, without the need for plate coatings, in a clinically-upgradable medium formulation!

Class leading proliferation rates are achieved using factors to improve retention of cells in an undifferentiated phenotype, and co-factors to improve growth factor binding and proliferation.

MSCs expanded under these conditions readily differentiate down one of the 3 primary lineages following addition of the differentiation supplements (click here).

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined ACF Media type
CnT-PR-MSC CnT-Prime MSC Medium Human No No 2D-Prolif
CnT-PR-MSC-XF CnT-Prime MSC-XF Medium Human No Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-MSCDIFF-AD.S Adipogenic Differentiation Supplement Human Yes Yes 2D-Diff
CnT-Accutase-100 Cell Detachment Solution No No